"Not only beautiful flowers but also buds and withered flowers have life, and each has its own beauty. By arranging flowers with reverence, one refines oneself" - Ikenobo Senno, 1542

Web resources

There are many excellent web resources for both arrangements and material sources. Here are some we admire.  


The Ikenobo Society for Floral Art 

Also known as Headquarters, this is our parent organization. The Society has been the shepherd of the Ikenobo tradition for 550 years, and is based at the Rokkakudo Temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Karaku - the Ikenobo flower shop

Headquarters maintains an online store for books, tools, containers and materials. Ships worldwide!


Ikebana International

Ikebana International is a world-wide organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of all forms of ikebana worldwide. 


Ikebana International Boston Chapter

Ikebana International's Boston Chapter represents all forms of ikebana in the region.


Ikenobo Colorado Chapter

Our colleagues in Colorado maintain a wonderful website showcasing their talents. Well worth a look.


Ikenobo Naples, Florida Chapter

Our colleagues in Naples also showcase their talents exceptionally well.