"Not only beautiful flowers but also buds and withered flowers have life, and each has its own beauty. By arranging flowers with reverence, one refines oneself" - Ikenobo Senno, 1542

How to join our Chapter

We welcome you to join the Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Boston (a local chapter of the Ikenobo School of Floral Art, Kyoto, Japan). Membership includes: access to monthly ikebana workshops, including those taught by high-ranking US-based teachers and visiting professors from Japan; a copy of Hana No Arakuruto, the annual Ikenobo magazine; opportunities to earn Ikenobo ikebana certificates; and access to an Ikenobo Study Tour taking place every four years in Kyoto.

from 15.00

Annual dues are due December 1st each year, and are:

  • $45 for regular members ($15 for those joining after March 15th)
  • $65 for qualified Ikenobo teachers
  • $115 special membership rate (optional; holders of level 9 certificates and above)
  • $20 for associate members (members of other chapters)

Please print and complete this form and mail a check to the address provided. Thank you for joining us!