"Not only beautiful flowers but also buds and withered flowers have life, and each has its own beauty. By arranging flowers with reverence, one refines oneself" - Ikenobo Senno, 1542

New to Ikebana?

A short primer on Ikebana

Welcome! Ikebana is the Japanese traditional art of flower arranging, and a cornerstone of Japanese culture. It has evolved over the last five centuries into a dazzling array of styles for different occasions, seasons, and even species.

If you would like to see what ikebana is all about, browse our galleries, or come to a workshop. You are welcome to observe a workshop led by a local teacher at no cost, or participate for the regular fee ($40-$50, depending on the cost of materials provided). If you have just joined Ikebana International, you can participate in a local teacher workshop by paying only the floral material fee. The workshops led by external and international teachers are heavily over-subscribed so we cannot offer positions in those.

Finding a teacher

The Ikenobo teaching tradition is interactive, with a teacher instructing either a single student or a small group. Classes are often held in either the student's or the teacher’s home. Ikenobo teachers must hold appropriate certification, and often travel to Kyoto to study with master Japanese Ikenobo professors. Several of our members are certified teachers, and lead our monthly workshops. We would be happy to put you in touch with teachers in the Greater Boston area via our contact page.  

Joining the Society

If you would like to join the Society, please use our membership signup page.